Sprang Break Foreva

For this Spring Break, I decided to stay in New York to catch up on some studying as well as editing photos and videos.

Ironically, this decision will prove more costly than going home, where everything is FREE!

This pic is 1 month and 4 days old. (2/19/2014)alan truong kwan cheng aredotwice asians studying on train

My life is very cyclical. This blog is indicative of that. I go through cycles of blogging consistently, and somewhere along the line, I lose that consistency. Lately, I’ve not been in a blogging mood, and the act of not blogging consistently perpetuates that in a positive feedback loop.

Movie Reflection: About Time (possible spoilers)

“And in the end I think I’ve learned the final lesson from my travels in time; and I’ve even gone one step further than my father did: The truth is I now don’t travel back at all, not even for the day, I just try to live every day as if I’ve deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it, as if it was the full final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.”


I’ve been sick for a few days now. I guess that’s what happens when you alternate between days of being awake way too long and days of sleeping way too long for an entire week or more. During this time, I’d lost all sense of time and some of my grasp on reality. I wasn’t productive, and all I really did was sleep. Last night, my level of indifference and self-acquired loathing reached a peak, and I thus decided to watch the movie About Time on my iPhone, eating snacks in bed (including but not limited to shrimp chips, Snickers almond bar, and pumpkin seeds from Halloween) despite my exponentially piling list of unattended responsibilities.

The lesson I grasped from the movie was nothing profoundly different from lessons I have blogged about before. But it was presented in a different way, and this time it seemed to click a little better for me. Although in real life, we can’t really travel in time, we can be like the character in the film and pretend that every day is a day we have traveled back to re-live with more enjoyment and attention.

If it takes a metaphor of fantasy to get me to be productive and enjoy each day for what it is, no matter how busy or stressful the circumstances, then I’ll take it.

2 Days of Dreaming + Birthday Pics

Today (Thursday 2/13), we had the fourth snow day of the year. Prior to this news, it was to be a pretty intense day from 9am to 9pm. Damng. (I just made a new word by accident. Damn + Dang = Damng?!)

But first, a small flashback to Wednesday 2/5/2014!

Dinner @ Nha Trang Palace — Who do you think is Photoshopped, me or Richard?!
nha trang palace asians sunset park 8th avenue brooklyn chinatown

Vietnamese food & cake!
aredotwice alan truong birthday nha trang palace vietnamese food cake

Karaoke @ 100 Fun (KTV | BAR | LOUNGE)aredotwice karaoke asians

Alright, and now to address the title of this post, let me establish a clearer timeline:

24 year old Asian male complains of alternating insomnia and hypersomnia associated with a “nocturnal” sleeping schedule and “strange dreams” x 2 days.

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Gmail Account Down

Why, in this day and age, is this still a thing? This is unacceptable.

Gmail Account Down Google Sucks Temporary Error 500 Numeric Code 93

A bunch of errors happened idiopathically, which ended up freezing my account.

I depend on my Gmail account for so many things. Now I don’t know when I’ll regain access.


Update: ~20 minutes later, it’s back up. But chat is still weird, with “history off.” And apparently I wasn’t alone.

Gmail Account Down Across the World

I was also told Google’s stock went down 2.5% during that time.

Studying or Filming?

suny downstate aredotwice alan truong dorms snow

In life, there is a balance. Between…

  • good and evil
  • love and hate
  • work and play
  • studying and filming

You’ll notice that I put the “better” things first and the “worse” things second. You may not agree with my categorizations. But work and studying are good, are they not?

And filming. I’ve been filming so much, and it’s been really fun and a lot of work. However, it’s exactly what I told myself NOT to do as I was directing the video this time last year. But there’s no question about it: I’m excited for the final product.

For each of the following pictures, I implore you to decide: studying or filming? Trick question.

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My Trip to Italy + Happy New Year + A Lack of Motivation

Okay so WordPress definitely has a bug. I just wrote a short post under “new post” and it didn’t save what I wrote when I went to the more major editor. What I wrote was probably a lot more eloquent than what I’m about to re-write. This is why I used to write my posts back in Word in the old days. /rant

So the new year has come and I’ve had somewhat of a lack of motivation since coming back.

It’s odd, really, considering that I was so energetic over winter break to wake up early, to adventure through new lands, and to study here and there. I had planned and hoped that the mental drive I had over in Italy would also transpire once I returned to Brooklyn. I often found myself wondering, “How could I possibly lack motivation to study back home if I can even do it on vay-cay?”

Well, here we are. I’ve also lacked motivation to write in this blog. But the motivation must return, because this next month will be busy, especially with Student Faculty show filming.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite pictures from my trip to Italy with my mom and sister (Winter Break 2013):

a courtyard at the Vaticanalan truong aredotwice italy winter break trip vatican

inside one of the Vatican buildingsalan truong aredotwice italy winter break trip vatican

outside the main Vatican building where the Pope usually standsalan truong aredotwice italy winter break trip vatican

the Colosseum (Rome)alan truong aredotwice italy winter break trip colosseum

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3/8 MD + An Evolution of Headers + White Elephant 2

So the Cardiology-Respiratory final exam came and went on Thursday, and we had our 2nd annual White Elephant gift exchange that night at the Caj Majal.

But before I get to that, I must address the title of this post. Since I switched to WordPress, I have had a total of 2 banners at the top of my blog, and now the one you see up there is the third. Why did I make such a drastic change? Well, take a look at the address bar… it no longer has the word “WordPress” in it!

I’m officially aredotwice.com because it was only 20 bucks per year, SO CHEEP lol. I figured I’d finally do it after all these years because it really seems like this blog = my life. And since I am aredotwice.com, I figured I’d finally make that word relevant to the blog itself by highlighting it up there in the header.

ver. 1wordpressheader3.png

ver. 2cropped-wordpressheader2.jpg

ver. 3aredotwice a redo twice alan truong blog

Okay, so about last night. It was probably the most fun I’ve had in really long time, house party-wise. No, probably life-wise. I’d promised myself I’d stop drinking because I don’t want to become a chronic alcoholic and develop Pseudomonas Aeruginosa pneumonia, nor eventually develop dilated cardiomyopathy. But I failed on that promise! Oh well, it was worth it (for one night) to celebrate becoming 3/8 MD!

a failed photobomb (they thought they were barely sneaking in the pic LOL)asians celebrating christmas

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Christmas Cards!

For the past 4 years, it’s become a tradition for my sister to make a Christmas Card on Snapfish and then send a screenshot to me so I could blow it up in Photoshop. We do this to circumvent paying the exorbitant costs of having Snapfish print it out for us. It pays to be frugal! Happy holidays everyone! And happy birthday to my sister Emily, who celebrates her 17th birthday today!

There once was a sister named Emily
She was the royal princess of the family
Her birthday arrived
She wanted a surprise
But her brother was struggling financially!

(I got her what she asked for instead of surprising her)

20132013 Card - sm

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